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Visualizzazione dei post con l'etichetta paint 2019

I'll take you to dance

I'll take you to dance Ink drawing by Maurizio Puglisi
The acrobat Oil painting by Maurizio Puglisi  (2019)
There is a sea
in silence up here
and network I don't have
But the drum grows in the blue
and I will throw myself
And they hold their breath for me
but I will amaze them
In the circle that later
in the void I will do.
The houses the people the streets
far away there
The mistakes of men here
they no longer count
The threshold of evil that is in us i
or I'll go over
And I'll reach you in the audience.

Love that I have to invent
I like poets and birds
here on earth I do not have balance
But my heart makes me risk
And on this thread attached to the moon
I will live every night
Dying in front of your eyes
and I will deliver myself to your breast
In the flight I know.

Caress your wheat and then
up in the immensity
Whatever promise will be
more real from here
For long seconds until
I forget
What a man up here
can not stay.

Love that I have to invent
I like children and ground acrobats
I have no sense of my own
But my h…


HoneybeeBy Maurizio Puglisi  oil on canvas 55 x 46 x 1.5 cm -2018

'On silence only one word manages to stay in balance, and is called sentiment.'

Hikari chases the sun

Hikari chases the sun oil on canvas by Maurizio Puglisi - 2019